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The first App that reconstructs the Ancient Pompeii in 3D with interactive GPS MAP.
POMPEII TOUCH is an offline app about ancient Pompeii, it can be used sightseeing ruins or everywhere at any time as didactic instrument or for cultural entertainment. Target audience is very various because it has a simple and intuitive interface. This app gives people possibility to make a comparison between how Pompeii is and how it was before eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD
sers can choose a photo of a location and, with a touch or brushing the finger on the sreen, it appears correspondent and reconstructive hypothesis of places.
3D RECONSTRUCTIONS ARE REALIZED WITH EXPERT ADVICES BY ARCHEOLOGISTS and historians who have been working in Vesuvian Archaeology field. You can interact with 3D MAP of ancient Pompeii; discover cutaway drawings of Domus and Public Buildings. Understand how Romans used the Velarium on the amphitheater. You can grind wheat by ancient millstone in 3D... etc.
See how Pompeii was 2000 years ago!


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